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Qt Bitcoin Trader goes commercial

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Post 2014-03-21 20:09:38

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Hi everyone!

As I have written before, I have several developments for Qt Bitcoin Trader in the pipeline. This summer, several powerful features will be added. This, however, will cost time and money. Therefore I have decided to commercialize the application in the following way.

• The exchanges which receive new customers and trading traffic from the application will have to pay, if they wish that their exchange shall be featured in the enhanced application.
• I will continue development and commercialization of the application within a datacom company where I am a part owner, Centrabit AG, with CHF 200 000 share capital. This will give me the resources to speed up the development and combine the application with other services within Centrabit, which will make Qt Bitcoin Trader better for users and exchanges.

During March 2014 I will contact selected exchanges in order to check the interest for being featured within the enhanced Qt Bitcoin Trader.

I thank all users who have donated bitcoin during the last ten months, (total 7 BTC). You have helped me make this application possible. From now on I do not need any more donations.

For the avoidance of doubt:

• Qt Bitcoin Trader remains open-source.
• Security and privacy remain top priority.

Ighor July

Developer of Qt Bitcoin Trader, CTO of Centrabit AG

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